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...a lifelong love affair that we can help you realize
Whether it’s a vacation rental, real estate purchase, or simply a tour of the beautiful Italian countryside, or managing a new renovation project, this native Italian couple will make you feel at home in “Bella Toscana”. This personalized business is a direct outgrowth of owning and managing “Tre Tigli” Restaurant in the hills near Lucca. Over the years, as business grew, they would be asked to direct visiting customers to points of interest, to help with rentals and even real estate purchases. “Tuscany Beautiful” is therefore dedicated to you, our potential customers and friends. Please enter, and welcome to the family!
Aerial view of compitese - Lucca, Tuscany
Catia Pardini - Via del Moro, 8/A - 55061 S. Leonardo (LU) - P. IVA 02254570464
S. Andrea di Compito - Capannori, Lucca, Tuscany
Aerial view of Lucca
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