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Dinner at “Location” Come and enjoy an authentic Italian meal with Professional Chef Erika from CuocheinVacanza Respect for nature is paramount, and is so fundamental to Tuscan home cooking. We pay the utmost attention to the seasonality and authenticity of all the ingredients. We choose our local suppliers according to the highest standards of quality.
«a great Italian meal»
Ours is a Full Service: We do the Shopping We come to your holiday home We cook for you We serve at the table We clean the Kitchen
Private Dinner Menu Structure
3 Starters 1 First Course 1 Main Course and Vegetables 1 Dessert Coffee Wine We're addicted to Fresh Homemade Pasta and we'll prepare it freshly right before your eyes.
...we come directly to wherever you are staying in Tuscany to prepare the tastiest traditional Tuscan dishes for you...
“ ” Chef  Erika
Tuscan and Italian Private Cooking Classes Once you have selected the dishes, we'll go shopping, get everything you need and we'll come directly to your holiday home. We're addicted to Fresh, Handmade Pasta! A single course may take about 3 hours during which 3 or 4 dishes can be prepared and beready to be enjoyed. You'll enjoy the fruits of your labour and you'll get a copy in English of your recipe. Usually, all put "hands-on" and prepare food together. Our job is always done in a cheerful atmosphere, family and mutual willingness.
Edible Herb-Gathering Cooking Classes A pleasant walk in the unspoiled Tuscan Nature with Erika from CuocheinVacanza and a herbalist: Course duration: 3 hours about to recognize and distinguish the herbs we meet along the way to collect herbs and to create a Menu with herbs and flowers collected to arrive to an old country house among the olive trees where we'll cook herbs and enjoy the meal together Our job is always done in a cheerful atmosphere, family and mutual willingness.