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The purchase and remodel of your future home in Tuscany can be daunting, especially if you reside elsewhere. Here in Italy, residential building project are very much a hands-on proposition. the owner usually has far more minute to minute decisions to make while the home is being complete far more than say Canada or the United States. A knowledge of local laws and regulations is a must, since many properties fall into “Centro Storico” classifications... areas where strict building codes are enforced to the letter. Many of our charming properties are in these historic preservation categories. For example, the entire central area of Lucca is a designated “Historic Center”. Building exteriors, with few exceptions, may not be changed in any way, down to the color. Roof lines may not be modified, nor the areas surrounding a property. Permits to remodel a home or apartment are issued only after a lengthy review process. These same strict conditions are in place in many of our hillside villages and towns to the betterment of the overall preservation of our “Bella Italia”. As I said, regulations can complicate a renovation project here in Italy. A professional project coordinator is a must. My 20 years of experience in the real estate and renovation fields uniquely qualify me as a project manager. Many clients come to me with the idea of living the good life here in Tuscany most unaware of the actual process of buying and renovating a property. My job is to make that process happen seamlessly. With a good «geometra», for example, a buyer can many times circumvent the need for an architect. Should one be desired, I work with several excellent licensed professionals. A renovation is only as good as the contractor who does the all important foundation and masonry work. Again, we work with only the finest companies in the area.